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Greetings web traveler!

Welcome to Crispy Cola Studio, the home of comic art by Nathan Onias. I'm an illustrator from Melbourne Australia.

R&D is a web comic strip about a rag-tag group of wierdos. Commander Canine is a full issue, super hero comic, that I'm now in the process of colouring. Check out the preview and let me know what you think.

Just next door is my sketch blog where I like to draw stuff with pencil, ink and copic marker :)


Exciting news guys, I'm now live on Patreon! Patreon is a platform for creatives to get support from fans, and it allows them to make awesome stuff.

Help me continue to create the illustrations and comics you love by becoming a patron! I'll be sharing my creative process with you and will be putting up exclusive artwork, commentarty and news about upcoming projects. You'll be the first to see what I'm producing and even have opportunity to influence my direction!

If you want to support me and help give me the resources to produce great stuff, please make a pledge on my Patreon page.

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Mill Park Library Comic Con

I'll be slingin' comics and prints at the first ever Mill Park Library Comic Con on Saturday 19th May. Come on by and hang out with yours truly. I will hook you up with a sticker!

Homecooked Comics Festival

I had a blast at Homecooked Fest. It was great to get outside the studio and hang out with folks. Did some fun Roll A Sketches too!

Comic Art Tutoring

The new school term begins soon and once again I'll be tutoring cartooning and comic art at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre. Toon Time (3:45-5:30pm) is for kids aged 8-12 and we focus on drawing skills, character design and storytelling. Comic Art (5:45-7:15pm) is for 12yrs+ and covers all aspects of making traditional comics. Check it out!

Marvel Sketch Cards

I'm fired up to be working on another round of Marvel sketch cards for Upper Deck! It's so much fun to be able to work with some of my favourite characters. I grew up reading Marvel so it's a real blast! Grab a pack of Marvel Premier cards by Upper Deck and you might score one of my hand-made drawings!

Copic Marker Lifetime Ambassador

I'm excited to be named a Copic Marker Lifetime Ambassador! They are my fav art tools for sketching and drawing. Looking forward to creating some cool stuff this year!